We devote ourselves to executive search and related consultation. We promise to hand over the resume and appraisal report of candidate in one or two weeks according to the requirements of clients. We will follow the procedures which are listed below to ensure our high-quality service. 


I. Through close communication with the clients, we can fully know its sales activities, corporate culture, organization

 structure and ownership. Getting the post requirements in details and make agreement with the client on the age,

occupation experience, salary, report person and candidate type. The deep comprehension on the work duties and

corporate culture will do a great effect on the searching.
II. Owing to the thorough understanding of the competitor and industry, we will plan and carry out the search project.

After confirming the candidate and search method, we will strictly follow the operating procedures and time schedule.
III. Analyzing and investigating the information such as present post situation, communication ability, the possibility

and motivation of resignation, salary, etc. After the qualified candidates are selected, we will touch each one in a

secret way and arrange to interview.IV. Interview the candidate according to the customized measure index. It mainly

evaluate the character, managerial ability, professional knowledge and skills, former performance, advantage and

disadvantage, resignation reason etc. besides, we will discuss the background of the client to get the candidates’

real interest to the career opportunity. Furthermore, the family attitude will be discussed if the work place is another

city. Concerning compensation, a feasible solution will also be discussed if any. Base on the evaluation, a

comprehensive report will be handed over to clientV. After selecting, we will recommend 2 or 3 candidates to client,

however, together with evaluating opinion by a secret report.
VI. We assist client to interview the candidates as require, collect the feedback and mediate both sides to help the

clients make a final choice. Furthermore, if the candidate can not satisfied the client, we will also recommend other

2 or 3 candidates in 5 to 10 working days. At the same time, we will help the client give a feedback in appropriate

way to the one who failed in the interview.
 VII.If the candidate satisfied the client, our consulting team will investigate the information such as education

background, work experience etc and provide it to client as a reference.
 VIII. Employ and follow-up service: if necessary, we will assist client to negotiate the salary & welfare with the

candidate. We also keep touch with the candidate if they need a long time to quit the ex-job and provide related

consulting service when they face some difficulties. Finally, it will avoid some accident if we know the employ

notification before issue. After the candidate being employed, we will keep communicate with both side so as to

help the one to adapt the new environment ASAP and give play to the greatest benefit.