WILL provides strategic plan and consulting service for those enterprise who aspire to achieve long-term development.The strategic plan services that provided by WILL include the company strategy consulting ,business strategy consulting and function strategy consulting,which are comprehensive strategic solutions.Among this fickle time,The enterprise’s development is facing an unprecedented uncertainty,the choice of enterprise strategy is a matter of life and death,as a result,the importance of strategic planning become more and more outstanding.

In the years of practice,we found that such problems exist in China enterprises
on the aspect of strategic planning,for instance, lack a sense of direction,without a long-term strategic target,casual strategic decision,lack of scientific decision-making system .They are either pessimistic and doing nothing or unrealistically optimistic.The so called enterprise strategic plan is just a paper work,which without a definite and realistic strategic target.Besides,such enterprises don’t have a clear understanding and analysis of the market and competition environment ,lack a scientific and precise analysis.What’s more,they pursue the hot spots of market,enterprise investment is too diversification and their resource is too scattered.
The enterprise strategic plan can not get the support of middle and senior class,while there is also no specific plan about it.
In view of the above problems,the company strategic consulting solutions that our company supplied are mainly aimed at promoting the enterprise's core competitiveness,the way and orientation of business diversification,the internationalization of development orientation and procedure,renewing or optimizing business process,corporate governance structure,group administration mode and regional planning,etc.It mainly includes:
1、 Use competition analysis model to make an overall and objective quantitative analysis of the market and the competition situation;
2、Make an detailed investigation of opponents , analyzes the advantages and disadvantages;
3、Analysis enterprise's internal advantage and disadvantage, determine the enterprise's core competitive ability;
4、Make an example analysis and success factors analysis of the excellent enterprise inside and outside the trade;
5、Use relative cost position analysis to analyze the advantage of cost competition ;
6、Make sure the company's business scope and regional scope,in order to make sure the company 's development orientation;
7、Make sure of entering or exiting parts of the market and the specific plan;
8、Make alternative development strategy and target;
9、Use customer sharing and cost sharing analysis method to analyze the feasibility of diversification;
10、Make multiple and professional strategic decision;
11、Make detailed strategy implementation plan and monitor control methods;
12、Adjust business management mode according to the new business character(such as introducing information technology, operation process reengineering);
13、Make strategic implementation plan and supervision and control measures;
14、Design corresponding KPI (key performance index) to ensure effective implementation of the strategic plan;